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Fisher 1236 X-2 Metal Detector


About Fisher Metal Detectors

The Fisher company was the very first metal detector producer in the world, and it was initiated in the beginning of the 1930s by Gerhard Fisher. Dr. Gerhard Fisher is the man who conceived the very first metal detector, and he called it the Metallascope (even though it was referred to as the M-Scope).

Gerard Fisher kept up his assembly and exploration in metal detectors, after which he gained standing as a manufacturer of the finest metal detectors ever. Fisher metal detectors are incredibly tough, user friendly and reliable. They are held up by Fisher's lifetime guarantee of quality, so you have nothing to worry about.

One of the high points of Fisher's metal detectors is the option given to unhook the electronics box from its shaft so you can latch it onto your belt; thus, your belt will be really light and wearable for extended time periods. Please note that only some models include this feature, so you have to double check before you buy.

The Fisher F75 Metal Detector

The Fisher F75 Metal Detector's high performance capability is just one feature of this multi-purpose device. It comes with ground balancing control and the high sensitivity required for expert gold digging, the discerning reaction needed for earnest vestige searching and the vital target ID needed for coin hunting. Fisher's F75 Metal functions at 13 kHz for proficient sensitivity to gold artifacts like jewelry, coins and nuggets. The Fisher F75 Metal Detector includes an 11" elliptical Double D searching coil for concentrated detection in mineral soil.

The Fisher F75 Metal Detector's comfortableness makes it one of the most lightweight, highly balance metal detectors to date and allows users to hold and swing it practically without any effort on your part whatsoever. There is a modifiable arm rest option for fitting the arms. Its clutch is tough, hard-wearing foam elastomer, which functions well in any climate. Its controls are suitably placed while the device is quite user friendly. The tubes' locking collars remove the chance of any rattling.

Its user friendly, useful interface leaves the whole menu on display from the LCD screen at all times. Its LCD display denotes the target ID (automated signature) from the metal object being detected. This display offers nonstop statistics on soil mineralization and the battery's state, both of which have an impact on detection depth. There are help messages that get displayed along the base of the screen automatically when needed.

The F75 has a low functioning expense, as it is run by 4 AA alkaline batteries that generally run just over thirty hours before running out of juice.

The Typical Features of the Metal Detector from Fisher Metal

- It is proportionately balanced and lightweight, making it the most economical metal detector ever made.

- It has a big LCD monitor.

- Its visual signs are of crucial significance, including:

Target classification

Target Assurance

Target Extent, which deals with both pinpoint-depth and running-depth

Mineralized Soil

- Numerous Search Types


Invariable All-Metal

All-Metal Kinesis

- The device's trigger activated FASTGRABā„¢ balances out ground cover with its manual override option

- The 11" waterproof, open-frame elliptical Double D searching coil

- The trigger activated target finder with different audio pitch choices

- The completely re-adjustable arm rest

- The backlight display for all low-lit or nighttime conditions

- Distinction and notch regulators

- Covers are included for the battery container and control parts

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